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Jan Ploch is a forward-thinking graphic designer and web developer. Founded in 2015, his studio works across digital and analog media, creating brand identities, websites, books, typefaces and illustrations for a varied client base.



Ordnung der Dinge


Book Design, Type Design


Vincent J. Stoker (© Photography: Image 3, 4)

This atlas comprises a collection of texts, phrases, and images that interrogate the idea of order in a variety of ways. Taking its cue from Foucault, the content was divided into two parts: Ordnung des Gleichen (“order of similar things”) and Ordnung des Anderen (“order of others”). This division is also made clear by the design – the “twin book” can be opened from both the front and the back. Whereas Ordnung des Gleichen explores reason and the rational aspects of order, Ordnung des Anderen illustrates the madness which is exiled from society.