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Jan Ploch is a forward-thinking graphic designer working across digital and analog media. He creates websites, books, typefaces, illustrations, branding and more. He was educated at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg.


Book Design
Interaction Design


In his text “Lecture on Nothing”, John Cage uses tools such as repetition and seemingly meaningless passages to make it possible to experience “nothing”. The text can be considered a composed conversation, to which Cage applies the same rhythmic structures used in his musical compositions. To make the repeating structures within the text visible the words are sortet by the amount of times they appear in the Text. The programming language Processing was used to implement a sound installation. The volume level in the room determines which word groups become visible — as the room grows louder, more word groups overlay the others. The observer is thus able to interact with the text itself. The installation and a book were shown during an exhibition at the island in hamburg.